Naturalia Sintesi, experience and innovation between past and future

Naturalia Sintesi was born in 1976, well-founded on scientific research and innovation thanks to Bergamon S.p.a. a renowned pharmaceutical company. At Naturalia Sintesi we believe that “innovation” goes hand in hand with “evolution” and for this reason in 2019 the management of Naturalia Sintesi was passed to the Niccolò Cusano University in Rome, a university leading the on-line and classroom-based learning business while also being active in the scientific and medical research.
Our 40 years of experience and our ambition towards continuous evolution brought the company to expand its market internationally, covering the cosmetology, the professional training and the anti-age treatments markets. The partnership with the Niccolò Cusano University just shows Naturalia Sintesi’s passion for scientific research, a passion that was able to bring to life an incredible synergy.



Our Mission is to achieve client satisfaction and retention, a result achievable thanks to Naturalia Sintesi’s long-standing experience.
This is possible thanks to the synergy between experience and high-quality products created from the scientific fusion of raw materials of natural origin and active ingredients.

Your success, our responsibility

Naturalia Sintesi, science and nature: proven efficacy.

People often think about science and nature as two complete opposite elements, ignoring the fact that they can also go hand in hand.
NATURALIA SINTESI has debunked the myth that sees science and nature as antithesis to each other. From the effective combination of nature-inspired knowledge and scientific innovation, NATURALIA SINTESI has developed unique products, treatments and protocols featuring certifications from the CIDESCO Association (Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie) and from the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers (ITPI Instituto per la Tutela dei Produttori Italiani – 100% Made in Italy)
While replicating natural ingredients (like collagen or hyaluronic acid) that wouldn’t be immediately available, science also becomes an enhancer thanks to which nature can better disclose its endless benefits hence providing ever more exceptional performance.

Therefore, welcome to NATURALIA SINTESI’s world: where tradition and innovation, science and nature, precision and creativity meet, and where the winning formula has always been people and the incredible harmony that stems out when ambitious visions merge together under the same fire of passion.


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