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What is LIFT&LIGHT+?
It is a multi-phase home kit specific for globally treating the eye contour blemishes. The content is indicated for a 4-weeks treatment.
How does it work?
Three LIFT & LIGHT products work in synergy:
EYE GLOBAL PATCH: Revitalizing and lifting action thanks to a complex of Hyaluronic Acid and Caffeine in immediate transdermal delivery.
INTENSCREAM: Formulation with a high concentration of Centaurea Water, Argan oil and Rhodiola extract for a nourishing, regenerating and anti-wrinkle action.
GEL DRENANTE: Complex based on Escin, Magnesium and Glycirrhetinic Acid to counteract bags and dark circles.
How to use it?
– The first evening: apply 1 EYE GLOBAL PATCH in the sub-ocular area, making it adhere well and carefully spreading it also on the sides, in correspondence with the
“crow's feet” fine lines
– The next 6 days proceed by applying:
– The two products must be applied in small quantities, distributing them well over the entire area, helping absorption without rubbing, but with a slight tapping instead. If necessary also apply in the eye-lid area.
NB: do not exceed the quantity and avoid direct contact with the inside of the eye.
REPEAT the PROTOCOL for 3 weeks. Continue for a further week by applying only INTENSCREAM and DRAINING GEL.

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