Antiage treatment with vitamins for sensitive skins – cod. 6320

It is a multi-phase home kit indicated for a 4-weeks treatment recommended for a strong anti-age/anti-oxydant action on alipic, sensitive and prone-to-irritations skins.
How does it work?
SENSITIVE+ performance is based on three main mechanisms:
• Restore of the natural surface Moisturizing factor (SPECIAL HYDRO COMPLEX)
• In-bringing of Vitamins and Minerals for a revitalizing and anti-free radical action (PROFLEXA)
• Soothing/anti-age action (CLAREGEN SENSITIVE)
How to use it?
Morning: On cleansed skin, nebulize SPECIAL HYDRO COMPLEX; afterwards, apply CLAREGEN SENSITIVE all over the face, neck and décolleté
Evening: repeat the morning sequence, adding a few drops of PROFLEXA before CLAREGEN SENSITIVE.

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